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The Barn Studio is rooted back to the turn of the last century. In the early 1900s the Harrison family owned and farmed this property atop the highest point of the Musconetcong Mountains in Holland Township. In 1927, my grandparents bought the property and aptly named it High Acres. Although most of the farm is gone, the house and outbuildings remain very much the way they were years ago. When we moved to High Acres in 1978, remaining structures included a stone smokehouse, springhouse, and the old wagonhouse that, within family circles, has been known as "the barn". From the time I can remember, the barn, with it's hand hewn beams, original planks, and dowel construction, intrigued me. It is one of those structures that can one day be restored, and I always dreamed it to become a photography studio.

From when I was young I've always had an interest in photography. For as long as I can remember the family gathered around slide shows to view old pictures collected throughout the years. With the birth of my children and the popularity of 35mm photography in the 1970s I became consumed with making pictures. I joined a camera club, served as it's president, photographed weddings for friends and their friends, and continued to click photos throughout the years.

The Barn Studio is actually not yet! The barn is there still waiting for restoration, and the idea is alive. I'm not a professional photographer! I just make images! I don't live from this, but for this. My studio is the outdoors wherever an opportunity is present. I have a small "studio" in the house which I am slowly building and hope to have running soon. Until then, I rely on the natural light nature presents. My mission is to produce high quality images that can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

I make fine art images of nature by capturing the world in it's natural state untouched by human development. I love walking trails, exploring the forest floor, kayaking rivers and lakes, and blending into the great outdoors.

To make a portrait image of a person, I like to take the time to have a glass of wine, share a soda, pot of coffee, or talk about the weather. I want to get to know you and how you want your image portrayed. Whether it be children, seniors, proms, family events, or just for the fun of making an image, I want the photograph to shed light on who you are or who you want to be.

I like making fine art images of things. To make an image of an antique or classic car, I like the time to study and learn about the subject before photographing it. A photo session may take an entire morning or afternoon. I want the images to reveal the detail and dedication that went into the restoration. If it is a project just beginning, I like to photograph the before as well as the after.

On this website are examples of some of my images. If you see something you like, click the [add to cart] button for easy online ordering. If you'd like to reserve a session, please contact me by email or by phone. I'd love the opportunity to make your image.